October Cafeteria Menu

Always thank Nadine for her lovely food!

Tommorow is Parade Day!

School will be dismissed at 11:45 am.  Please note it is WEDNESDAY 2 on the schedule. We will NOT be running a compressed schedule like on embedded days, we will run the schedule as normal and dismiss at 11:45am.



September Newsletter has been posted

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September Calendar for the Cafeteria

Nadine's cooking is awesome!

Tomorrow is the big day!

To all the students, staff, parents, and community members,

Sarah and I are excited to welcome all students back tomorrow morning for the first day of school!  As the new school year commences please keep in mind that while the weather is still hot and humid, the temperature in the school is also very warm, and we encourage everyone to keep cool and hydrated.  This means that packing some extra liquids and dressing for the weather should be considered. 

We can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Cheers,Mr. Strong


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