The African Nova Scotian History Challenge

Here is a great opportunity for our students!

Happy Halloween

The staff and students wish everyone a safe and exciting Halloween today and this evening.  Please be careful if driving as there will be lots of youngsters on the streets.


The NQCS SAC has requested that we communicate to parents, guardians and the school community what our emergency protocols are. An emergency is defined as an abnormal situation which, in order to limit danger to property or environment, requires prompt action beyond normal procedures.  Examples may include fire, explosion, dangerous individuals, and bomb threat.

School Advisory Council - Volunteers Needed!

The NQCS SAC is looking for two new members. We need a community member (must reside in the geographical area served by North Queens Community School. The individual may not be an employee of the school board and may not have children attending the school) and a parent member (must have a child enrolled in the school and may not be a school board employee who is on staff at North Queens Community School). Please contact Ms.

RCMP Concerns

The RCMP have asked us to make the school community aware of concerns that have been raised with regards to our school parking lot. First, the bus lane should not be used for student drop offs or quick visits into the school. Second, parking in the wheelchair parking space is restricted to those who have passes. Lastly, appropriate speed and careful driving in the parking lot (and school zone) are expected as a means of safety for our students. We have been asked to let the RCMP know of any concerns with regards to these issues.


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