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The exam schedule for North Queens will remain the same as it was communicated yesterday to students.  That means the Pre-Cal 12, Math 10, Math at Work 12, and Math 11 Examinations will take place on Monday, January 30th from 9am-12pm.  The remainder of the exam schedule will stay the same. 
Tuesday, January 31st will now become a Make-up day for students in senior high.  Grade 9's will have classes as usual.

Exam Information


In the event that school is cancelled on a day during exam week, exams on the cancelled day will be written on Monday, January 30th. If there happens to be a second day of cancelled school, Tuesday, January 31st will be an exam day.


Lunenburg County Multi-Sport Pilot

See attached information relating to this opportunity.

Incredible Years - Learning Opportunity

See the attached poster.


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