Information Piece

During the school year the use of inappropriate language has become a concern for many teachers and staff in the building.  There has been a noticeable increase of some students in the Junior and Senior High using profane language that is derogatory, sexist, racist, and generally unkind in both classrooms and common areas.  We recognize that the use of profane language does happen, however we feel it is important that there is a time and a place where that can occur, and school is neither the time nor the place.  We are also concerned about the impact on our elementary students, who may be exposed to inappropriate behaviour or language as they travel through the junior/senior high.


 The staff and administration are starting a new program to help educate and reinforce the importance of using appropriate language in the school.  Students will be informed of the initiative by the administration, while also being educated with posters located around the school.


 The same process will be used in regards to our hat/hood policy.  We are instructing students not to wear their hats and hoods in the school during regular school hours. 


 Staff at North Queens Community School would like to promote a shared space that is free from unkind language and that is safe for all people who enter the building.  We appreciate your continued support with this issue by having conversation with your child at home.



If you have questions or concerns please contact the school at (902) 682-3500.