Attendance Phone Calls

Parents and Guardians:

Regular attendance at school impacts student potential and their ability to meet the expected outcomes for their course. Accurate student attendance is also important from a safety perspective.

Starting on Wednesday, December 16th we will begin using the ALERT system to contact parents regarding attendance. This program makes automated calls to the home number we have listed within the attendance system.

Calls will go out each evening stating whether your child has missed one or more classes. Calls will only go home for UNEXCUSED absences. If students are excused from classes by parent/guardians in advance then a call will not go home.

Junior/Senior Parents and Guardians: There is already an expectation for students who come to school late or leave early to sign in and out at the office. Parents/guardians are expected to call to confirm these absences. If they are not excused, a call will go home.

The responsibility of improving student attendance is that of the school administration, teachers, students and parents. Having said this, there will be issues as we attempt to implement this system. We appreciate your patience with this as we all work towards improving attendance at NQCS.

All students will receive a paper copy of this notice today as well.

Thank you!