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January 2018 Exam Schedule

The January exam schedule has been completed and shared with students.  All students who would like to leave after the exam period (9am - 12pm) need written consent from a parent/guardian to leave school grounds.  Students leaving school grounds need to be picked up by parent or guardian if unable to drive themselves.  Students who stay at school will have a study period in the learning commons or other designated space.

Parent Teacher - Thursday Nov 30th - 1-3pm and 6-8pm

This is a friendly reminder to all parents and guardians that parent teacher conferences will be held at the school on Thursday Nov 30th - 1-3pm and 6-8pm.  We hope to see you!

Attendance Policy at North Queens Community School

Please refer to the document that was circulated November 14th to students.  It outlines our school attendance policy.


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