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Junior/Senior Report Cards


Parents and Guardians:

Due to a technical issue we are unable to print and send report cards home today. Report cards will now be issued on Monday, November 24th. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please contact the school with any concerns.






THANK YOU to students, staff, Miss Ramey, the social justice group and our local community for your recent food bank fundraising acitvities. A total of 1377 items were brought in! This means that not only will Mrs. Weare and Ms. Baker be duct taped to a wall but they will also be KISSING A PIG. Details to follow...


Parent Portal

Do you want to check on your child's attendance?  Find out their mark on an assignment or see what assignments are outstanding?  How about checking your child's personal schedule for the day?  All of this information can be found on your iNSchool Parent Portal.  To find out how to register, please contact the school.

Greenfield: Our Sister School

Our sister school, Greenfield, is located in Greenfield, Nova Scotia.  They are a P-6 school and do a great job of educating our students in their school.  They can be found at the following link:


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